Matter Development | Branding

Matter Development | Branding

MATTER DEVELOPMENT’s corporate identity design by VIMA GURU has the robustness of the construction industry, and the non-conformity of visionary people.

The identity we created echoes the essential meaning of the word “matter”. The way we choose  matter to occupy any space on our canvas is partly irregular and unclear, as are the ideas that unfold during the creation phase and come to fruition.

The twin ‘tt’ motif stands as an indication of the company’s fundamental role in shaping urban landscapes. Design goes beyond simple aesthetics. It is a unified symbol that captures Matter’s holistic approach to the creation process, delivering constructions that are not mere real estate projects but a legacy for the future.

The bold and clear shades of MATTER DEVELOPMENT’s identity symbolize its integrity and dynamism, elements that its three founders jointly bring to the project.

Typography is not just a medium to convey words, but a strong pillar of the story that the MATTER DEVELOPMENT logo tells, designed to stand the test of time, over and above trends.

Client: Matter Development

Category: Branding / Creative

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