Korinthian Foods | Website

Korinthian Foods | Website

Korinthian Foods Website

In response to a dynamic market environment, and its strategic repositioning on it, Korinthian Foods engaged Vima Guru to reinvent its corporate idenity and digital presence.  Vima ensured that both Korinthian Foods new branding and website not only matched but elevated the company’s industry-leading reputation. The mission was to create a robust platform that would captivate and convert visitors through superior design and strategic user journey mapping.


Marketing Strategy

The redesigned website was envisioned as a cornerstone of Korinthian Foods’ digital marketing strategy, aimed at  enhancing brand perception, and communicate clearly the vision, the history and the activity of the company. With a focus on clear messaging and streamlined navigation, the site was structured to highlight Korinthian Foods’ comprehensive service offerings and their impact on various communities and sectors.

Execution Highlights

User-Centric Design: We created an inviting and intuitive experience that guides visitors through Korinthian Foods’ extensive services, emphasizing ease of access to key areas with minimal clicks.
Compelling Content Strategy: The content was meticulously crafted to reflect Korinthian Foods’ market leadership, with rich media and detailed service descriptions that communicate value and reliability.
Strategic Engagement Points: Interactive elements and clear calls-to-action were strategically placed to boost user interaction and lead generation.



The redesigned website has significantly strengthened Korinthian Foods’ online branding, driving higher engagement rates and increasing inquiries from potential clients. The platform effectively supports the brand’s expansive narrative, showcasing its pivotal role in the Greek catering industry and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Client: Korinthian Foods

Category:  Websites / Branding  / Copywriting

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