Korinthian Foods | Branding

Korinthian Foods | Branding

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At Vima Guru Creative Agency, our vision for the Korinthian Foods brand identity has been to create a presence as infinite as the quality and taste that te company is  known for. The concept of infinity—endless, boundless, and timeless—drove our creative process, shaping a narrative that weaves through every aspect of the brand’s identity. This is encapsulated in the brand’s tagline, “Infinite Quality & Taste,” which served as both our inspiration and our compass.

We selected a neon version of red, a color that is as established in the food industry as it is stimulating and inviting. This particular shade is vibrant and fresh, evoking a sense of modernity while remaining timeless—a nod to the infinite journey of the brand. Our design boldly pairs this color with the infinity symbol, integrating the brand’s commitment to perpetual excellence into a visual form that demands attention and promises permanence.

Our implementation ensures that every touchpoint of the brand, from its architectural presence to its printed materials, conveys importance and brand recognition. It’s a holistic approach that cements Korinthian Foods as a paragon in the culinary world.

With Vima Guru’s expertise, the brand identity of Korinthian Foods is not just seen or heard; it’s experienced. It stands as a beacon of enduring quality and boundless taste, inviting consumers to partake in a journey that continues infinitely.

Korinthian Foods by Vima Guru - Round 2 (4)
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